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History and Present information

Walker Memorial Baptist Church

   Bandera First Baptist Church had a dream of a mission in this area.   
Pastor Harvey Hulse, 36 years ago, worked with his committee to survey, and fund Vacation Bible Schools here in 1981-1984.   In July 1984 a frame building was built.  The mission was called Walker Memorial Baptist Chapel, commemorating the dedicated life of Denise Walker.   

The Chapel was consecrated in the Gospel of Jesus Christ on September 23, 1984.   After three years of growth and generous contributions from Christians here and nearby the area the Chapel, where we now hold services was dedicated on April 9, 1987.   During those three years countless efforts were made by Christians from our past.  This included having Sunday Services under trees and in partially constructed buildings as well as Vacation Bible School on the Fire Department grounds.

Today we are known as Walker Community Church (WCC).    Our Statement of Faith is based on the belief that the Holy Bible is the inspired word of God. 

WCC is committed, as a body of baptized believers in Jesus Christ, to share the good news of salvation to lost mankind. 

                Our mission statement is: WCC is led by the Holy Spirit to:

a.Share the gospel of Jesus Christ with the local and worldwide community,

b.Make disciples by training in Biblical truth,

c.Build relationships through fellowship and service.

WCC has achieved some amazing changes in the past two years. Installation of a new sound system, incorporation of contemporary music into the service and return/continuation of friendship hug. We record all Sunday services and place a link on our website for all to watch and review. We are in the learning stages of streaming our Sunday service live and having donations capability available via the website.

We love the Lord and love sharing this love. We invite you to come join us.

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